Copenhagen – Tivoli Park and the Little Mermaid

Back to Copenhagen we go!  At the end of August my wife and I took a trip to the capital of Denmark for a brief weekend getaway.  I already shared my post from Nyhavn Canal, where the beautiful colors provide for some great photographic opportunities.  Later that day we proceeded to walk around the city and check out the rest that Copenhagen has to offer.

We started by walking towards the Marble Church, which you can see here in the background.  In this picture I used a very large aperture (small number) so that Adriana is in focus and the background is blurred.  This works well here, particularly because there are people meandering around in the background.

Below you can see an image of the Marble Church itself, also known as Frederik’s Church. This is a beautiful building that we passed on our way to the Little Mermaid.  In this photo I boosted the clarity in Lightroom to give it a bit of a gritty look.  I also did some editing in Focal Point.  This software is pretty cool and I’m still getting used to it.  On this photo I created a slightly blurred effect with a vignette around the edges.  The effect is fairly subtle but it draws the eye into the frame.

As we continued our walk through the city we went through the Rosenborg Palace Garden and I snapped this photo of the Rosenborg Palace.  I like the photo below because of the symmetry that is ever so slightly off due to the left tower being slightly higher than the other.

Eventually we made it to the famous (infamous?) Little Mermaid.  It was packed.  And when they say Little, they do mean little.  Personally I wasn’t all that impressed with this statue and we walked a good way to get a picture.  But I guess it’s one of those things that if you’re there you almost need to see, as it’s arguably one of the more famous sites in the city.

We left the Little Mermaid and walked through the fort/castle on the way to Tivoli Gardens.  I took this simple picture of the red building – I liked the way the white window frames and door really stood out, and the placement of the light on the left side seemed to balance the image.

Last but certainly not least, Tivoli Gardens. I absolutely loved this place.  Apparently it’s the second oldest amusement park in the world, and the atmosphere is incredible.  I can’t really describe it; the age of the place really comes across but not in an antique way. Instead I found it a romantic, nostalgic reminder of what an amusement park could be.

In the photo above I used the same effect as I did on the Marble Church; this is the entry arch when you come into the park.

In the picture above I tried to capture the movement of the hammer and the attentive focus of the young boy as he played the age old gem of a game, whack a mole!  (At least that’s what I call it!)  Of course I tried my best to win some prizes for Adriana but failed miserably :).

This photo is of the Nimb Hotel, also called the Moorish Palace.  It’s basically a series of restaurants and bars.  Unfortunately it started raining while we were walking around the park and we had already had a long day, so I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked.

I love this picture of the swings; there’s just enough motion so you can sense the movement in the image.  I really wish we’d had more time at the park.  Quite honestly it’s a photographers paradise; there’s a huge amount of nostalgic material here and I do hope I can return some time when the weather is better.

Below is a map where I show where the pictures above were taken.  This will hopefully help you plan your journey to the city.

And finally, just a few photos that I’m adding to my portfolio.  If you’re interested in purchasing any of these just click on the image.

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8 Responses to Copenhagen – Tivoli Park and the Little Mermaid

  1. Oh I’m jealous ! To be in Tivoli.

    • Aaron says:

      It was seriously a great place, I wish I had known how nostalgic it was prior to visiting, I would have done a much better job in capturing the place!

  2. Rafael says:


    Great photos and nice place. Denmark is one of the places I wanted to go but haven’t had the time on my last travel to Europe. :) Glad you recommended Copenhagen as a photographer.

    I like the fact you comment on technical aspects of the photos as well so the readers may have an idea on what you did to achieve such results. I’ve been using Lightroom, currently version 4.2 and I really like it – the only “downside” is that a proper development (you shoot RAW?) demands a bit of time, at least for the first picture of a set, then you can copy (Ctrl+Shift+C) and paste (Ctrl+Shift+V) the adjustments to other pictures (and doing specific small adjustments), speeding up the process if the photos are taken under similar conditions. :)


    • Aaron says:

      Couldn’t agree more Rafael! I try to give some basic ideas about my photos, I find that often times people ask about how a picture was taken or they may not even notice some of the things that make the photo a bit more unique. I also use Lightroom, absolutely love it. And with my new camera now each picture is over 22 mb so I agree 100%!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hello, Aaron! I know that in this series there is none, but I’m wondering… How do you take the pictures with you and Adriana? Do you use a tripod? Tripod and timer? Only timer? They are sooooo impressive, that I don’t believe you just ask someone who was passing… I read Adriana’s blog every day and I just found out about yours. Regards.

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Jennifer – thanks for stopping by! On occasion we do ask someone to take a picture but more often than not they don’t turn out very well. So I use a tripod which I usually carry with me on our bigger trips. If I don’t have it though we’ll setup the camera somewhere else, like on a park bench or wall or something, just balancing it there. And then I use a ten second timer on my camera. Sometimes ten seconds is barely enough time to get back in place, but we make it work.

      Maybe someday I’ll write a post on how to take couple portraits using a timer – not a bad idea!

      • Rafael says:

        On a tip note, one can also do that with remote wireless triggers. They’re cheap (eg. Nikon ML-L3 – is $17 at and when the camera is on a tripod (or on a bench or a bean bag etc) you can take as many pictures as you want without having to go to the camera to set up every shot and hurrying back to position. :)

        I used the remote when taking pictures together with my wife when she was pregnant (we were doing a session with her 8-month hump), worked very well as one can take several shots with different posings in a minute without having to reach and set up the camera every shot.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the answers. I have a mini-mini tripod which I use with the 10s-timer. Sometimes the picture is not great, but I’m blaming the tripod :P I will buy a better one.

    I really like the idea about the wireless triggers. I will buy one for my camera.


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