London Photo Festival and some general updates

Over a month ago my father-in-law Carlos sent me an email about an amateur photographer exhibition in London called the London Photo Festival.  I checked it out and realized it was an event that I had looked at the year before but wasn’t able to enter because I was travelling. But this year I am around and I decided to give it a try! I went through my photos and thought about what types of images I wanted to display. I narrowed it down to about 15 pictures and then I leveraged social media – I posted those 15 photos to my Facebook account and had friends and family “vote” by using the Like function to decide which photos made the grade.

I got a lot of good feedback, and I ended up using 2 of the 3 winners in the Facebook voting session and I made an “executive decision” on the final photo.  I went with a general “water” theme and had the organizers of the event print my images. I know that printing and framing my own images would be a great way to differentiate but this is my first time through something like this so I decided to keep it simple until I can see what I’m getting myself into.

Here are the three images with a brief description on each:

This image was taken in 2011, when my wife and I travelled to Nepal to hike around the Annapurna Range in the Himalayas. Lake Pokhara has a beautiful island temple and the bright colors of the boats caught my eye.

This beautiful sunset closed out an incredible holiday in Bali at the end of 2011. The clouds were placed perfectly to highlight the rays of the setting sun.

In 2010 my wife and I spent two weeks travelling in Egypt. This photo was taken in the evening sun when a local offered us a ride down the Nile.

The exhibit is located at “The Crypt” on Borough High Street next week, October 25th – 27th; entry is free. For more details check out the link here. I’m really looking forward to the event and to see how some of my images stack up to the others.  One thing I’ll be interested in seeing is the idea of “themes” that people use.  I am already thinking I should have spent more time getting together a collection of images that either tells a story or really have something in common, but this is my first time through this so I’ll see how things go.

In addition to displaying some photos I decided to do something else as well that’s been on my mind for a while.  I created some “business cards” for my photography blog and portfolio.  I went to Moo and put together a 9 piece image (the same pictures used to make my banner, for consistency) and then on the back included my website and contact details.  I’m certainly not a graphic designer but I think it looks pretty cool.  So I’ll have a few of these hanging around my photos so people can grab one if they want, and I think I’ll start carrying a few when I’m on holiday.  Sometimes people come up to me while I’m taking pictures (especially when I have my tripod out) and now I have something to hand them so they can eventually check out my photos.

Anyway, here’s a quick iPhone snap of the business cards.

I’m really happy with the quality and I think they look great.  I’m looking forward to my first exhibition and for those of you in London I hope to see you there!

By the way my wife and I got back from the Maldives a few weeks back, I’ve got many of the photos processed and will try to get a post up shortly!  We had a great time!

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About Aaron

A love of photography and travel have led to me creating this blog. I'm also interested in science, technology and the outdoors. I currently live in London with my beautiful wife and work in the telecommunications industry.
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6 Responses to London Photo Festival and some general updates

  1. Ink Pastries says:

    OMG – what lovely photos. I am a single mom who makes enough to pay her bills and not go on vacation. So I will live vicariously through you two and your photos. Thanks!!!

  2. Love what you’re doing ! The first photo is spectacular and hope it’s the show winner. Also, super job on creating your business card. Inspiring me to get off my duff and update mine as well. Good luck! Bella

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks a lot Bella! By the way I sent my Dad the link to your blog, he and his wife are heading down to Machu Picchu in a few months and I told him you were the expert!!

      • HAHA !’s kind of true as I was a travel agent for 10 years and specialized in Peru/Machu Picchu. Tell them to feel free to contact me if they have any questions. Bet you wish you were going with them.

  3. Kely says:

    Hi Aaron, it had been a few weeks since a came here, I knew about your exhibition, I think I saw somewhere through Adriana. Congratulations for it. Btw how was it? I loved the first picture. Congratulation for your business card! It is pretty cool. Kely

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