Well like many others I’ve set some new goals for myself in 2012.  One of them is to get this blog properly off the ground.  For several years now I’ve been taking photos and traveling; I now need to get those photos a little better organized and begin to document some of my experiences.  I had the idea to start this blog about six months ago and like many other dark corners of the web it’s fallen into a state of apathy.  So for this year I’d like to restart and create what I’d been wanting to create originally; a travel photography blog for me to not only chronicle my own travels and photos but to also provide whatever advice and insight I can to those that have a similar passion.

There are plenty of sites out there that detail the intricacies of photography, post-processing, up and coming gear and gizmos, etc.  This is not meant to replace those sites or even compete with them.  Rather I prefer to think of it as a site that provides some real experience for those of you that are planning a trip to Europe or elsewhere in the world and are asking yourself the question – “How can I take better photos when I’m on holiday?”  For those of you that just bought a new DSLR before your honeymoon or big family vacation, or those of you that are wondering why your phone pics aren’t as good as someone else’s phone pics, I think this site will have something for you.

I just returned from an incredible trip to Asia over the last few weeks, which has undoubtedly been the inspiration for me to tackle this blog again.  My wife and I visited Hong Kong, Macau, Bali, Singapore, Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing.  It was absolutely incredible and we were fortunate to have great weather and the opportunity to take some wonderful snapshots  of our adventures.  So I’ll begin by sharing the details of the trips, where we went and how we created our photos.  After learning from that post (and possibly getting some feedback) I’ll get into documenting some of our European travels over the last few years to provide some more insight for those of you planning a trip.

Happy 2012 to all of you and here’s to taking better travel photos this year!