As I indicated earlier, I’m going to be spending some time this year getting into “videography” a bit.  I know very little about this topic, so whatever I post or write will truly be learning from my mistakes (and it’ll be a brutal process, I’m sure).  But one of the things I did before being a father was to make two purchases.

The first was a “Glidecam” – this is basically a stabilizer for my DSLR camera.  The camera sits on top, carefully balanced with weights.  You then hold the whole thing with a handle connected to a gimbal, so the camera almost looks like it’s flying through the air. My first learnings?  It’s HARD to use, DIFFICULT to balance, but once I figured out how to use it I’ve been pleased with the results!

The other purchase was actually a gift from Adriana – it’s a slider.  I put the camera on rails and then it … you guessed it … slides.  You’ll see a lot of footage from the slider on the Nursery video embedded below. You can mount it vertically, horizontally or anything in between and it adds a bit of professionalism and drama to the scene.

Both of these new tools take a lot of getting used to – at least my experience has not been an easy one.  The learning curve is pretty steep, particularly on the glidecam, so it’s been a slow process.  Couple that with the fact that I don’t know much about video in general and it’s quite the experience!

Anyway, below you can check out my first video; I’ve had this sitting in draft for quite some time and I’m finally now getting round to posting it.  Hope you enjoy and in the future if I ever get the time I’d like to share a bit more about how this was made, but for the time being this will have to wait!