Man, no one told me having a kid takes up so much time!

Family fun in the pool

Despite the fact that I haven’t written a damn thing for 2 and a half years, rest assured that we HAVE been busy….very busy in fact!

While Bella has kept our lives more interesting, she hasn’t reduced our travel, or even my photography taking time. That being said, she has had somewhat of an impact on my photo processing time. So I now have thousands and thousands of photos, sitting unloved in my Lightroom catalog, that are just waiting to be processed, documented, uploaded and shared with the world. I thought that getting back into the blog might help me get focused again and give me an outlet to share some new projects.

I also have some new toys, and have learned some new tricks! I’ve been really doing a lot of work with video, which I hope to share here as well. I’ve been playing with a new toy called the Syrp Genie for timelapse, and I’m planning a pretty large scale project around the city of London that I hope to get started on shortly.

Lots going on! And I’m looking forward to resurrecting this thing!