Hi there – thanks for stopping by.  My name’s Aaron Miller, I’m in my mid-thirties living in London, England.  I’m American by birth, and moved to the UK about 5 or 6 years ago and have been working here ever since.  I work in the telecommunications industry, so there may be some bits and bobs in here about work but I’ve created this blog to focus on the other things I’m passionate about – primarily photography and travel, but also on some other things I enjoy such as trekking, science and technology.  We’ll have to see where things take me.

I’m active on Flickr as well, you can check out my photostream if you’re inclined.  I’ve been there for several years so have much more content, but going forward I’ll most likely use Flickr more as a storage site and focus on my blog here and potentially start trying to sell a few photos through another agency.  Yep, that’s right, yet another blogger trying to make a buck!

I chose the title Postcard Intellect because Travel Photography has really been my passion over the last several years.  My wife, Adriana, absolutely loves travel and I get to join her in all of our weekend getaways – and there’s a lot of them!  One thing I notice in my travels is that while everyone is walking around with cameras, smartphones and video recorders now days I find many people still struggle in taking quality photos.  This isn’t about equipment (although I admit I’m a bit of a gear junkie).  But if there’s one thing I’ve learned while developing my photography skills it’s that the camera really doesn’t matter.

I hope to encourage others that read this blog in taking better photographs while they’re out and about.  Whether it be traveling on holiday or even just out mountain biking, attending a concert or whatever it is you do while taking photos.  I’m open to any and all suggestions and look forward to meeting some new friends.