Today I’m going to begin sharing a project that’s been a long time in the making – six months to be exact!  In the middle of May, Adriana walked into my office Saturday morning and changed my life forever; she told me she was pregnant, proudly waving the pregnancy test in the air.  And one of the things we decided that day was to begin a photo project.  We agreed to take a photo every single week to document one thing and one thing only – the bump.

I’ve created a new category for this project so it won’t be a part of the “normal” blogroll. Many of these will be short and sweet and in the coming weeks I’ll be playing catch-up to ensure I get all of the photos thus far posted relatively quickly.  I’ll also intersperse this with tutorials on how I did the lighting, how I edited the pictures in Photoshop, and how I convinced my lovely wife to pose every single week when the last thing in the world she wanted was to have her picture taken.

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.  Bringing a new life into the world is a wondrous and incredible thing, and I hope our joy shines through in this project.