I’m in the process of creating a formal portfolio of some of my better work to sell on SmugMug.  If you see any photos on the blog that aren’t for sale (i.e. they don’t have a URL that takes you to a “buy” link when you click on them) then let me know and I’ll be happy to quickly change that.  Also if you happen to think a certain photo would look nice in B&W hanging on your wall, please drop me a line through a comment and I’ll quickly make an effort to provide a B&W version.

Please note that I’m only selling prints; for various reasons I’m not making my photos available for download.  All pictures taken here are mine unless otherwise noted, so I own the copyright on all images.  Please also be aware that all purchases, delivery issues, and general feedback on the SmugMug purchasing experience will need to be handled by them.  I’m not responsible for any issues that may result in dealing with SmugMug, but I’ve chosen them because they have an impecable reputation and their customer service is excellent.  If you need to contact SmugMug, you can do so here.